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    Gutter & Downpipe Regulations for Sheds

    A question for the regulators for the shed industry (which asks another question - who are the regulators?) is what code do shed manufacturers follow for gutter and downpipe size? The ASI Design code for Sheds has nothing at all about this subject, and the SEPP haven't much info either regarding this - apart from Local Council ByLaws! In the roofing industry there are a series of calculations to follow in regard to rainfall (one in 20 year event etc) that all roofing plumbers have to follow apart from shed erectionand the associated gutter and downpipe size on sheds. Plus many gutter/downpipe calculators are available online for anyone to use. But nothing in regard to the shed data collection, analysis, and software that design sheds.

    For example - a shed in a high rainfall with all other charactistics, measurements etc be the same as a dry area of Australia can have the same gutter and downpipe size!

    Why is there no specific rules for this in any of the available regulations concerning Class 10a buildings???

    Most shed manufacturers are still using the 75mm to 125mm Square Gutter profile that couldn't drain a dog kennel never mind a large domestic garage.

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    To The Roofer - I got a quote from a supplier that sent a glossy brochure that actually had this stuff in it - including what size water tanks, gutters and stuff I needed in my area with really simple maths to work it out. I didn't go with them because of price (not much I'd admit) but now think I should have. Am I allowed to tell who they were on this forum?

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    Slim - check your gutter and downpipe sizes with new article on - and especially if you don't want leaks back into the shed from the back of the gutter.

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